PlantTape to Host Tomato Open House

SALINAS, Ca. (March 28th, 2018) –   After a year of successful trials, revolutionary automated transplanting system, PlantTape, is hosting an open house that will highlight the system’s success in transplanting tomatoes.  The event will be held in Five Points, CA, on April 10th from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

Experts from PlantTape are looking forward to sharing what they have learned from the past year of trials and discussing how the tomato industry can adopt the innovative planting technology into their growing operations.  The open house will allow visitors to evaluate the transplanting machine while it works to plant a 20 acre tomato trial alongside another 20 acres previously planted for evaluation. A barbecue lunch will be included for event attendees.

“After four years and 25,000 acres of development with the PlantTape system, we are excited to showcase what we have learned and how we can apply the automated technology to the tomato industry,” stated Brian Antle, President of PlantTape. “With the availability of labor declining and hourly costs increasing, we must look to turn key automation solutions, such as PlantTape.”

The PlantTape system is currently being used for the commercial planting of a variety of crops in the United States and Europe; including Tanimura & Antle’s growing operations. The advanced technology, adaptable to most crops, plants more in less time with less labor and fewer inputs than traditional transplanting, and achieves stronger, more uniform stands.

Individuals or companies interested in attending or to learn more information about the PlantTape Tomato Open House, contact Mike Mclane at 831-262-6174 or


End of 2016 Salinas Transplanting Season

End of 2016 Salinas Transplanting Season

Tanimura & Antle has completed their Salinas transplanting that will again resume in December. Although plantings are completed, we still have a way to go before the last fields are harvested in November. For the month of August we harvest over 1,000 acres utilizing the PlantTape system. Our average boxes per acre (blended between different growers, field conditions and varieties) harvested for these same acres were; 834 Broccoli, 942 Iceberg, 1,154 Romaine Fresh, and 1,015 Romaine Hearts. The adaptation with our growers and the learning curve for this new technology is steadily taking hold. We have completed our Central California plantings and are now in the second week of plantings for Yuma Arizona.