Equipment Service Technician

Equipment Service Technician

Equipment Service Technician 

Working with PlantTape customers to provide professional support for their equipment ensuring they are reaching the maximum potential and efficiencies of PlantTape. Have a complete understanding of the PlantTape equipment and be able to troubleshoot and fix problems in a timely manner via in field visits, phone or email.

Complete understanding of the PlantTape systems

  • Work with current customers, mechanics and manufacturer to quickly gain comprehensive knowledge of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems related to the PlantTape transplanters.
  • Knowledge of transplanter adjustments to maximize in field performance.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and fix problems related to the PlantTape transplanters.

Customer Service Calls

  • In field visits to quickly address and fix issues with local customers.
  • Phone or email troubleshooting for customers where a field visit is not feasible.
  • Respond to issues by quickly sourcing and coordinating the delivery of needed parts to customers.
  • In some cases travel both domestically and internationally may be needed for onsite maintenance, modifications or repairs to equipment.

Manage PlantTape shop and spare parts

  • Maintain a clean and functional workshop to build, maintain and repair PlantTape planters and modules.
  • Manage inventory of transplanters and transplanter modules.
  • Work with Parts Manager to insure we have the needed parts and proper inventory to service our customer’s needs.
  • Have a good knowledge of each part and its application and function on the machine.
  • Assist customers in identifying common wear items and managing their own spare inventory of commonly used parts.

Initial delivery, set up and training for new equipment

  • Ability to travel within North America for customer deliveries and be on location 1 week if needed to set up, train and assist with new transplant equipment.
  • Understand the customer’s specific needs and how to best configure the planter and modules to meet those needs.
  • Provide basic maintenance and operation training to customers employees (mechanics & operators).


  • Advanced mechanical skills
  • Basic welding skills a plus
  • Good work ethic
  • Strong positive attitude
  • Self starter
  • Ability to travel on short notice
  • Ability to travel internationally (passport required, no DUI)


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