Three Point Planter

  • A PlantTape transplanter universally attaches to a Category 3 three-point hitch of any tractor equal to a 6000 series John Deere tractor.
  • Easily adjustable to accommodate most row configurations and plant spacings.
  • The three-point model can be outfitted with 1 to 8 rows of planting modules.
  • Row spacing can be a minimum of 8” and maximum of 80”.
  • Plants can be spaced from 3-60” apart and spacing adjustments can be quickly made by touch screen in quarter inch increments.
  • Plant spacing is hydraulically controlled and will automatically adjust to the speed of the tractor.
  • The Three Point Model can hold up to 64 trays (840 plants per tray) or 53,760 plants.
  • PlantTape planters have effectively established transplants in various soil types around the world; clay, muck, sand and everything in-between.
  • PlantTape planters are outfitted with LED flood lights to allow operators to work at night.

PlantTape Automated Transplanter

PlantTape Automated Transplanter

Transplanter with Extensions


Manufactured to the highest standards by PlantTape’s in-house engineering team, the module is the heart of the PlantTape transplanter.  With a completely mechanical design the PlantTape modules pull the tape with plants from the trays, cuts each plant individually and places them into the ground at the desired spacing and depth.

Utilizing individual hydraulic cylinders on each module the bed top pressure of the planter can be easily adjusted to suite most soil types and also allows each module to move freely from the others, which offers a great advantage over rigid transplanters.

Soil disruption during planting is minimized as the in ground planting shoe of the PlantTape module is only 3/8” thick and creates a much smaller gap to close around the plant.

An optional watering shoe can be added to any PlantTape module to allow the application of water at time of planting.  This water application is injected below the plant into the soil and can help to establish the plants in challenging soil and weather conditions.