Our automated transplanting system increases crop yield, improves efficiency and lowers per-acre cost for growers.

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PlantTape is the world’s most advanced, efficient, and flexible process for the sowing, germination, and transplanting of crops.

"Above all, if you’re a grower considering adopting the PlantTape automated transplanting system, watch a PlantTape automated transplanter in action. “Once you see the machine run,” Jake Rothert promises, “it’s going to sell itself.”

– Jake Rothert

“PlantTape allowed us to plant our hemp transplants 3 times faster with 80% fewer workers. Also, the plantings are much more uniform than before. In the greenhouse, the PlantTape system allowed us to reduce space usage by 80% and use less labor there as well.”

— Jacob Fisher, Rouge Family Farms

"Having seen PlantTape in action for multiple seasons, the high-density system maximizes greenhouse production per square foot and creates efficiencies at transplant that cannot be overstated. Faster acres with fewer laborers is something today’s growers desperately need and PlantTape delivers."

– Eric Smith, BioSafe Systems

User Friendly Automated Transplanting

PlantTape’s automated transplanter is easy to use and designed by farmers, for farmers. It is built to withstand the elements, while giving growers the reliability and precision they need.

Where other automated transplanters rely on complex computer systems, actuators, and sensors, the PlantTape 3-point automated transplanter is 100% mechanical. It is easy to learn and easy to use.

Line-to-line spacing can be altered in the field to allow for many different bed configurations. Growers can plant fields with different bed configurations on the same day with some mechanical adjustments. Plant-to-plant spacing can be altered on the fly.

Additionally, the PlantTape transplanter is crop-agnostic, meaning it will pull whatever plant species is in the nursery trays and put it into the ground.

Precision agriculture technology – PlantTape automated transplanting system

The PlantTape Process

What is PlantTape?

PlantTape’s proprietary tape material is the heart of our entire system. Everything else, from our transplanter to our transportation bins to our facilities, supports the remarkable efficiencies that our tape makes possible.

PlantTape—the tape itself—is a blend of peat, coco, and vermiculite between two layers of biodegradable paper. Sounds simple enough, but this humble innovation is driving an agricultural revolution.

Because of our tape, PlantTape offers growers a seamless, end-to-end agricultural solution for the entire process from sowing to transplanting in the field.


The PlantTape process begins in one of our sowing centers. After seeds are dry-sown into our proprietary tape, the sown tape is palletized and shipped to the grower’s nursery of choice.


The seeds germinate inside the tape when introduced to water. PlantTape’s denser plant spacing (840 plants per tray!) and shorter growing cycles make for high-yield nursery operations.


PlantTape’s blazing-fast (2-7 acres per hour!3-point transplanter unspools the tape from the nursery trays, cutting each transplant loose and placing it into the ground.

Sowing Operations

Once a customer's seed is received to a PlantTape sowing facility, it is inventoried and stored in a secure, climate-controlled room until sowing. Seeds are sown into PlantTape material, after which the material is cut into strips (i.e, "tape"), folded, and loaded into trays of 840 seeds each. The sown PlantTape is palletized, wrapped and labeled for immediate delivery to a commercial nursery or farming operation for germination at the desired time.

PlantTape gives logistical freedom

Because PlantTape sows seeds into a completely dry tape environment, growers can delay germination to account for unforeseen changes in weather or transplanting schedule.

PlantTape sowing facilities

- Hollister, California
- Livingston, Tennessee
- Barcelona, Spain
- Boston, United Kingdom

Nursery Operations

Nurseries initiate germination via standard irrigation methods.
PlantTape trays hold 840 plants—2-3 times more than standard transplant trays. With a denser seedling population, PlantTape maximizes nursery space and improves efficiencies through the nursery and field transportation process.

Flexible planting schedule
PlantTape transplants can be planted at any stage of growth. Such flexibility in the planting schedule allows growers to mitigate the impact of adverse weather and other uncontrollable circumstances.
Because PlantTape seedlings can be planted much younger than conventional transplants, nurseries have shorter growing cycles and higher overall throughput.

A competitive nursery advantage
More plants per square foot plus shorter growing cycles: PlantTape represents a significant competitive advantage for commercial nursery operations.

By implementing the PlantTape system, a plant nursery can significantly increase production without the capital costs of additional greenhouse space.
• Capacity: ~1 million plants per 5,000 ft 2
• Speed: 0-30 days per growing cycle
• Efficiency: 840 plants per tray
• Easy conversion for most nurseries


From the nursery, trays of PlantTape transplants are loaded into bins and shipped to the field. At 840 plants per tray and 108 trays per bin, a PlantTape bin contains around 90,000 transplants. Transplants are loaded into PlantTape's automated transplanter, which can carry 68 trays at a time (or around 57,000 plants). The transplanter pulls the PlantTape material from the trays and places each transplant into the ground according to precise settings for line spacing, plant spacing, and depth.

The adaptable transplanter
PlantTape provides the benefits of automated transplanting without the drawbacks of other automated systems.
Other automated transplanters are factory-fixed for a specific wheelbase or bed configuration.

PlantTape's 3-point planter can be adjusted in the field for almost any bed configuration.

Its wheelbase is adjustable from 60"-84" with simple tools, and it can plant anywhere from 1-8 lines of plants.
• Capacity : 2-7 acres per hour
• Efficiency : 2-3 employees per machine
• Easily adjustable to most bed configurations (60”-84”)

Precision Agriculture

The new generation of agtech

Agricultural technology, or agtech, has revolutionized agriculture over the past century. PlantTape is part of the newest wave of agtech companies bringing exciting innovations to empower growers.

“Precision agriculture” is a hot topic in the agtech world, and for good reason. With shrinking profit margins and expanding challenges, growers can’t afford slippage in their operations.

PlantTape competitive advantages

PlantTape delivers unprecedented efficiencies in sowing, nursery, and transplanting operations. With the PlantTape automated transplanting system, growers can:

  • enjoy logistical flexibility by scheduling seed germination to meet their timeline
  • navigate weather issues with the freedom to plant seedlings at any stage of development
  • have healthier seedlings (minimal transplanting stress plus a natural root architecture)
  • cut labor costs associated with planting
  • have a single transplanter for multiple crops and bed configurations

The PlantTape 3-point planter is the most advanced, user-friendly transplanter on the market today. It’s just one component of an entire process that includes dry-sowing, delayed or timed germination, high-yield nursery operations, and blazing fast transplanting of seedlings.

Driven by our plant tape and supported by world-class equipment and automation, PlantTape delivers the benefits of precision agriculture to mid-size and large growers in the United States and around the world.




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Senior Accounting Analyst

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PlantTape has two United States sowing facilities, as well as one in Spain and one in the United Kingdom.

Sowing Facility Locations:

  • Hollister, California
  • Livingston, Tennessee
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Boston, United Kingdom

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PlantTape Automated Transplanting System