Plant 2-5 acres of vegetables per hour with only 3 people with an increased crop yield.

PlantTape revolutionizes vegetable growing operations

PlantTape represents a turnkey solution for vegetable growers to increase efficiency and crop yield while decreasing labor requirements associated with transplanting vegetables.

Common vegetable crops grown with the PlantTape automated transplanting system include lettuces, cabbage, onions, leeks, cauliflower, kale, collards, and broccoli.


Benefits of PlantTape for Vegetable Growers

Transplanting Speed: Transplant 2-5 acres of vegetables per hour with 3 people

PlantTape enables fast transplanting. A crew of 3 (including the tractor driver) can transplant 2-5 acres of onions, cabbage, broccoli, or other vegetables per hour.

Compared to other transplanting systems with a 15-person crew, PlantTape reduces vegetable transplanting labor requirements by 80%—while increasing transplanting productivity and crop yield.

Ease of Use: Adjustable & User Friendly

PlantTape’s automatic transplanter allows for extreme granularity and control in plant-to-plant and line-to-line spacing.

Easy bed configuration and line-to-line adjustments

The PlantTape 3-point automatic planter was designed by farmers, for farmers. Growers can adjust line-to-line spacing in the field, using simple tools. Similarly, planter modules can be added or removed to allow for almost any bed configuration.

Plant-to-plant spacing

Where other vegetable transplanters might give you stepwise plant-to-plant adjustments (say every 2 inches in a 12”-24” window), PlantTape allows precise plant spacing adjusted in quarter inch increments.

Operators simply configure or change the plant spacing via a touchscreen on the side of the transplanter.

Operators configure plant spacing via a touchscreen console and can even change it on the fly. It’s easy to switch from planting onions at 3.5” to 4.25” with a simple click of a button.

Healthier Plants: Root Benefits

Stronger root architecture

Conventional vegetable transplants grow in a containerized soil plug that forces the roots to grow in a tight ball.

Once transplanted, the conventional seedling undergoes significant transplant shock while the roots untangle themselves and grow into the surrounding soil. 

The PlantTape difference

PlantTape transplants grow in an open-bottom plug that encourages a natural root architecture that quickly grows downward and outward to establish the plant in the soil. 

PlantTape’s open-ended plugs allow the actively growing, viable roots to explore a wider range of soil. They can then form a stronger fibrous root system by tapping into more nutrients.

Reduces vegetable transplant shock

PlantTape reduces transplant shock to vegetable seedlings because the transplanter pulls the tape from the nursery trays, cuts the tape, and places each transplant—still in its paper encapsulated plug—into the ground without ever touching the plant.

No manual handling of seedlings, no trauma from being uprooted.

Versatility: More than a single-crop transplanter

The PlantTape system is adaptable and has been used on a wide variety of crops, from brassicas to iceberg lettuce to hemp and tomatoes.

For farms that grow multiple commodities on a large scale, PlantTape’s versatility allows them to harness our system across different crops with minimal reconfiguration effort.

PlantTape Automated Transplanting System