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PlantTape is a Salinas, California-based agtech company pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in agriculture. Our automated transplanter is the fastest, most user-friendly, and most efficient on the market. Yet, amazing as it is, our planter is only one component of our automated transplanting system. 

The following resources will help you get up to speed with what PlantTape is, how it helps growers, and what it might be able to do for you.

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See how Rothert Farm revolutionized lettuce planting with the PlantTape system.

Understand the crop-agnostic nature of the PlantTape system, best demonstrated when we planted broccoli, leeks, bell peppers, and several other crops simultaneously.

Discover how PlantTape’s automated transplanting system is the future of sustainable agriculture.

Learn how PlantTape offers logistical flexibility to growers and nurseries by allowing them to plant seedlings at any stage of development.

Read about how PlantTape empowers hemp agriculture, eclipsing other hemp planter solutions.

Learn why the PlantTape 3-point transplanter is the most user-friendly, efficient, and revolutionary transplanting machine in the agricultural sector.

Understand how PlantTape delivers precision agriculture solutions that enable growers to do more with less.

Read about the ways in which PlantTape empowers high-yield nurseries to double and triple throughput. 

Learn why PlantTape represents the most efficient vegetable planter solution for growers of lettuce, cabbage, onions, and other vegetable crops.

Discover how PlantTape promotes sustainable agriculture.

PlantTape is laying claim to being the world’s fastest transplanter after demonstrating that our automated planter can function at 20mph. Read our fast transplanter article and also watch the YouTube video of the planting demonstration!

PlantTape is an agtech company
PlantTape Automated Transplanting System