PlantTape is a revolutionary agtech company

Based in California’s Salinas Valley, PlantTape brings precision agriculture to growers of vegetables, tomatoes, and hemp. We believe in empowering farmers around the world to increase crop yield and lower costs.


The PlantTape Team

Lance Portman


Danielle Michaels

Director of Sales, North America

Mark Digby

Director of UK, Europe

Mike McLane

Western US Sales Manager

Dominick Levari

East Coast Sales Manager

Kollin Holzwart

Western Business Development Manager

The History of PlantTape



PlantTape is Discovered

Brian Antle first encountered the PlantTape technology at a Salinas, CA seed trial. Impressed by the Spanish agtech company, he coordinated for the system to be presented to the Tanimura & Antle ownership team.

Shortly after, a group from Tanimura & Antle flew to Spain to learn more and to discuss how the company could implement the PlantTape system within their farming operations.

During that trip, PlantTape the two companies discussed forming a partnership to provide PlantTape with the ability to grow and expand.



PlantTape is Acquired

Tanimura & Antle finalized the acquisition of PlantTape. Tanimura & Antle had high standards for releasing PlantTape for commercial use, and performed extensive research and development and rigorous testing.

Tanimura & Antle used the PlantTape automated transplanting system to transplant 200 acres of mixed commodities in the Salinas Valley. The system worked better than expected, and they began making modifications to its nursery operations to fully integrate the PlantTape system.



Hollister Sowing Facility Completed

PlantTape utilized its newly-completed sowing facility in Hollister, CA, to plant 3,000 acres of mixed crops with the PlantTape system. These larger-scale trials demonstrated a beneficial cost model with improvements to yield and consistency.



North American Factory Completed

PlantTape’s North American factory was completed and began producing tape material for the North American agriculture market.



PlantTape Commercially Introduced

PlantTape built its first batch of commercial transplanters and transplanted 6,000 acres of mixed crops in the Salinas Valley.

In the summer of 2017, PlantTape was commercially introduced to the industry and hosted a 2-week open house in Salinas, CA. Growers traveled from around the world to attend the event. Attendees witnessed firsthand all phases of the PlantTape system—sowing, nursery operations, transplanting.



First PlantTape Sales

The PlantTape system was offered to growers and PlantTape made its first sales.

PlantTape conducted dozens of trials in North America and Europe. Growers were quickly impressed as they saw the power of PlantTape’s automation.



Hemp Growers & Commercial Nurseries Adopt PlantTape

​In addition to growers adopting PlantTape, many commercial plant nurseries adopted the PlantTape system. Nurseries saw they could increase greenhouse output (PlantTape allows for 300% increase in plant density and shorter growing cycles) and also offer the benefits of automation to their customers.

The U.S. legalized hemp production and PlantTape successfully planted 10,000 acres of hemp.



Sowing Facility in TN Complete

Sales boomed in the US and Canada.

PlantTape built a sowing facility in Tennessee which houses 2 sowing lines (PlantTape’s 3rd and 4th North American sowing lines).

PlantTape Automated Transplanting System