Plant 7 acres of hemp per hour with only 3 people. Enjoy increased crop yield.

PlantTape revolutionizes hemp agriculture

PlantTape provides a revolutionary solution for hemp growers to decrease labor costs, increase crop yield, and increase hemp nursery efficiency. Our automated transplanting system has proven wildly successful for both full season and autoflower hemp varieties.

Benefits of PlantTape for Hemp Growers

Transplanting Speed: Transplant 7 acres of hemp per hour with a crew of 3

Transplanting 3 beds at a time, PlantTape can easily plant 5-7 acres per hour of hemp. The best part? You’ll only need 3 people to do it. And that includes the tractor driver. This efficiency in hemp farming automation represents a true breakthrough for hemp growers around the world.

Ease of Use: Adjustable & User Friendly

PlantTape’s automatic transplanter allows for extreme granularity and control in plant-to-plant and line-to-line spacing.

Precision plant spacing

Where other hemp transplanters might give you stepwise plant-to-plant adjustments (say every 2 inches in a 12”-24” window), PlantTape allows precise plant spacing adjusted in quarter-inch increments. Operators simply configure or change the plant spacing via a touchscreen on the side of the transplanter.

Hemp plant spacing and crop yield

Plant spacing affects crop yield, yet the ideal plant spacing could be different in one growing operation compared to another.

Hemp growers should always be experimenting to find the perfect spacing to optimize hemp yield in their soil and climate. And, when they do, PlantTape allows them to hit that perfect configuration exactly.

Healthier Plants: Root Benefits

Stronger root architecture

PlantTape’s hemp seedlings have a much healthier root architecture compared to those from conventional transplanting trays.

Conventional hemp transplants grow in a containerized soil plug that forces the roots to grow in a tight ball. Once transplanted, the hemp seedling undergoes a “catch-up” period while the root ball untangles.

PlantTape transplants grow in an open-bottom plug that encourages a natural root architecture that quickly grows downward and outward to establish the hemp plant in the soil.

PlantTape’s open-ended plugs allow the actively growing, viable roots to explore a wider range of soil. They can then form a stronger fibrous root system by tapping into more nutrients.

Reduces hemp transplant shock

PlantTape reduces transplant shock because the transplanting module pulls the tape from the nursery trays, cuts the tape, and places each hemp transplant—still in its soil plug—into the ground without ever touching the plant. No manual handling of seedlings, no trauma from being uprooted.

Versatility: More than a single crop transplanter

The PlantTape system has proven to work for hemp, yet it works for many other crops as well. For hemp farms that also grow tomatoes or vegetables, such versatility allows them to utilize PlantTape across their different commodities.

PlantTape Automated Transplanting System