Planting automation system wins science & technology award


Tanimura & Antle’s PlantTape automated transplanting system has been awarded the second annual Science & Technology Circle of Excellence A

ward, Produce Marketing Association (PMA) announced May 3. The award was presented at PMA’s Tech Knowledge symposium, held May 2-3 in Monterey, Calif., USA.

PlantTape’s Manager of Automation and Innovation, Jeff Antle, was presented the award by PMA Chief Science & Technology Officer Bob Whitaker, Ph.D., and Andy Kennedy, PMA Science & Technology Committee chair and co-founder FoodLogiQ.

“This year’s winner checks every single one of the boxes for what this award program is looking to recognize and hold up to the industry as exemplary,” Kennedy said. “PlantTape harnesses technology to achieve a broad range of benefits, from reducing labor demand to shrinking farming’s environmental footprint. This is the embodiment of our ‘work smarter, not harder’ mantra.”

“I am honored to receive this year’s Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award on behalf of PlantTape. Just as this award acknowledges, PlantTape strives to bring automated solutions to an industry with a growing need for continued efficiencies, and of declining resources such as labor,” Antle said.

The PlantTape system harnesses technology to automate the sowing, germination, nursery care and planting of vegetable fields. The company said that compared to traditional methods, PlantTape improves crop quality, sustainability and operation-wide efficiencies, while also offering growers more logistical flexibility.

For example, a traditional transplanting crew requires 25-30 people, and plants a field at a rate of about one-half mile per hour. The PlantTape system only requires three employees to plant a field, and can reach speeds of up to seven MPH. Seedlings can be planted at any phase of growth which, according to the company, gives growers greater flexibility in their decision making. Meanwhile, PlantTape uses less peat than conventional transplanting plugs, all of its materials are biodegradable, and the plants require less irrigation once transplanted in the field.

The PlantTape system is already in use commercially to plant a range of vegetables, including leafy greens, cauliflower, celery, onions, tomatoes and cabbage. Other crops are currently on trial.

PlantTape was chosen from 20 nominations by a panel of judges that included Brennan as a previous award winner. Eventually the panel will be made up entirely of previous award winners.

PMA created the Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award in 2017. The award recognizes individuals or companies who are solving business challenges by applying advances in science and/or technology to create better products, processes or customer value – particularly that achieve labor efficiencies or lead to the ability to work smarter. It is one of five Awards of Excellence that PMA offers to recognize those individuals and companies who are advancing the industry through leadership, marketing and innovation.

“Science and technology are playing an ever-important role in our industry, particularly to help us solve labor challenges, work smarter and create new business opportunities,” Dr. Whitaker, said in announcing creation of the award program in 2017. “By recognizing innovators in this area, we hope to inspire our industry to follow their lead – that’s why the award is named ‘Circle of Excellence’.”


PlantTape Names Lance Portman as Vice President of Engineering


SALINAS, Ca. (January 18th, 2018) –   PlantTape has announced its newest addition to their forward thinking team, Lance Portman as Vice President of Engineering.  He joins the growing company at a pivotal time and will support the rapidly growing global demand for the automated transplanting technology.

“We are very excited to welcome Lance to our PlantTape team and to have his guidance to further develop our revolutionary PlantTape system,” stated Brian Antle, President of PlantTape, USA.  “His proven track record of taking out of the box ideas and bringing them to commercialization is well documented and we look forward to furthering our business with Lance as a key player on our team.”

Prior to this new endeavor with PlantTape, Lance has held several leadership positions that spanned across the United States, Canada, Indonesia, and Singapore.  He held a variety of roles during his 14-year tenure at BJ Services Company including Technical Advisor, and Director of Research & Engineering Coiled Tubing.   Lance later joined Baker Hughes Incorporated as Vice President of Coiled Tubing & Cementing, and later as Director of Technology.  Most recently, Lance held the position of Vice President of Marketing at Cormorant Engineering LLC.

Lance’s 30 years of global engineering experience outside of the agricultural industry brings a new set of eyes and an open mind to PlantTape.  “He brings an international perspective to business models at a time when global demand is increasing rapidly and his leadership will allow him to work with our two factories is the U.S and Spain to meet these growing needs,” said Antle.

A graduate of Saint John’s College, University of Cambridge, he obtained both a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Engineering with honors.  Lance is the recipient of several awards for his work in engineering and technology; has published 26 papers in the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and holds eight patents.

PlantTape USA Facility Update


We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the construction of our California manufacturing facilities. This was the first of three steps to making this technology commercially available in the United States. Our first USA customer, Tanimura & Antle, has been running their first two acquired transplanting machines all season and has successfully logged over 1,600 acres with our newly manufactured tape. This excludes the previous 4,000 acres they had planted from tape manufactured in Spain.

This season was key to ensuring that we put hours on the manufacturing equipment and ensure to our customers a consistent quality product. We confidently feel that we are getting close to offering the industry a superior option for transplanting and the results in the fields this Salinas season are proving it.