PlantTape and Stokes Seeds Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Grower Experience and Efficiency

PlantTape and Stokes Seeds Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Grower Experience and Efficiency

PlantTape, the leading provider of an automated transplanting system and Stokes Seed, a renowned seed company, are excited to announce a dynamic new partnership aimed at delivering exceptional service to their grower customers. In an effort to provide growers with the best possible resources, PlantTape has decided to collaborate with Stokes Seeds, making them the recommended seed supplier for PlantTape customers across the eastern regions of the United States and Canada.

“Cultivating this partnership with Stokes Seeds marks a pivotal moment for PlantTape and underscores our commitment to supporting our East Coast customers at the highest level,” said Dominick Levari, East Coast Sales Manager at PlantTape. “By synergizing our cutting-edge transplanting technology with Stokes Seeds’ exceptional seed offerings, we’re poised to elevate growers’ capabilities and outcomes. This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of driving innovation and excellence within the industry.”

Under this new partnership, Stokes Seeds and PlantTape will work together to supply growers who utilize PlantTape technology with the highest quality seeds available, ensuring that the advantages of the automated transplanting system are fully leveraged. By strategically warehousing seed at PlantTape’s Livingston, Tennessee operation, customer orders will be processed more efficiently, and seeded tape will be swiftly transported to greenhouses.

To further enhance the customer experience, Stokes Seeds sales representatives will provide growers with PlantTape specifications and available options for PlantTape-certified greenhouses. They will also offer expert recommendations on seed selections that are best suited for sowing using the PlantTape technology.

PlantTape, headquartered in Salinas, California, stands at the forefront of automated transplanting systems, revolutionizing commercial vegetable transplant production through precision agriculture. Their cutting-edge technology is particularly beneficial for grower operations with crops such as tomatoes, hemp, and other row vegetables.

Stokes Seeds, with a rich history dating back to 1881, is a trusted distributor of commercial vegetable seeds. With operations in multiple locations including Holland, Michigan, Buffalo, New York, Vineland, New Jersey, Moultrie, Georgia, LaBelle, Florida, and Thorold, Ontario, Stokes Seeds is well-positioned to serve its customers effectively. Their team of 25 territory managers is dedicated to providing growers with access to the latest seed varieties.

This partnership between PlantTape and Stokes Seed represents a significant step forward in supporting growers and their agricultural endeavors. By combining the expertise of two industry leaders, customers can expect enhanced product offerings, streamlined processes, and outstanding service.

PlantTape Transplants using Stokes Seeds for a lettuce variety